The Bangladeshi Sweatshop Workers.

It is with no surprise that some nations in our world are burdened with cyclical poverty and doing a lot of work, for very little gain. Bangladesh, has been one of the many countries that have been riddled by this exploitation. The nation was awarded its independence in 1971 changing its name from East Pakistan, to Bangladesh.


Today, the garment making industry makes up 80% of Bangladesh’s economy. Majority of big brands out in western nations are notoriously known to have their clothing manufactured in Bangladesh for a fraction of the cost they would pay to manufacture in their own country. Actually, it is estimated these workers are paid 3000 Bangladeshi takas, while 5000 takas is the minimum it takes to survive in Bangladesh with the bare minimum.

Firefighters battle a fire at a garment factory in Bangladesh

We cannot however bring up Bangladeshi sweatshop workers without referencing the 2012 Dhaka fire. A garment factory near the main city of Dhaka, caught in flames because of a short circuit. The factory produced clothing for many well-known brands across the West. As a result of poor factory conditions, over 100 workers lost their lives. Even three years later, Wal-Mart, one of the companies who had manufacturing ties to this facility, refuse to pay dues to those permanently affected by this fire.

This new sort of imperialism has to own up to accountability, and even more so, equality in order to pay those who work for them fair and equal wages.


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